Surviving Parents Evening – a quick guide

Compiled By Kate Walker


It’s that time of year when Secondary parents are invited into school to meet the teachers. Your 5 minute slots with each teacher have been likened to speed dating!  So how can you make the most of your and the teacher’s time?

Our mini guide combines veteran parents tips with advice from teachers. Take note!

– attend, attend, attend, it matters to kids…all of them

– book your appointments early, the earlier the better to allow you a choice of times and to suit your diary. Remember this tip for next year if you are late to organising!  Click here for link to the booking system.


– you cannot see every teacher so concentrate on those you really want to see

–  ask your child what subjects interest (or worry them!)

– if you can create a 5 minute gap between appointments it will make getting around much less stressful (an alternative is to do a few back to back and then have breaks)

– bring your child along too

– arrive early so you get a sense of how the rooms are organised – the teachers will normally sit in the cafeteria

– be prepared – if a teacher asks ‘what do you want to know’, how will you reply?

– make sure you get some advice on ‘what to do to improve’

– spend less time asking about the curriculum and more on your child’s progress

– always ask about behaviour as it impacts on learning

– take notes – it will be difficult to remember everything everyone said in such an intense setting

– be considerate of the time allotted. Your time is up when the gong sounds!

– contact the teacher directly to make a separate appointment if you have a particular issue that will need longer than 5 minutes

That’s it our time is up too!

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