Have you ever considered hosting pupils for sporting tournaments?


By Joanne Roberts

Hosting students from other international schools during sporting tournaments, can be super fun.

Our family have hosted multinational students from schools in Holland, Munich and Frankfurt. This year was particularly special, because we hosted an ex-La Chat pupil, now based in Frankfurt, who is a great friend of my son’s. We also hosted a boy from Transnistria in Moldova. There are so many advantages involved in playing competitive sports, and these can be extended to the family too, when hosting.

Our school is a member of the Sports Council of International Schools (SCIS). This organisation creates competitions between schools in Switzerland, Vienna, Warsaw, Budapest, Frankfurt, Munich, Bavaria and Athens.
More information about hosting can be found on the school website under ‘competitive sports/sports hosting information’.

(Photos – International School of Basle, Winners of the Junior Varsity SCIS Tournament, hosted by La Chat; Friends United; Unsung heroes at the Buvette.)