What do Worms, Jazz and Mircoscopes have in common?

All are paid for by the PTA Kermesse fundraising efforts, that’s what!


Read this interview with Carrol Plummer, outgoing Chair of the PTA Grants Committee (right, with Diana Barrowclough), to find out how PTA funds are allocated to projects.


Carrol, what is the purpose of the Grants Committee?

Our job is to disburse 90% of the profits from the Kermesse to projects that enhance student learning and the school community. The remaining 10% is used to support student humanitarian efforts, like the trips to Nepal, India or Tanzania, or individual student initiatives.

How much do you allocate each year?

Typically about 25,000Chf – although Kermesse profits were much lower this year, due to poor weather – so we have less to allocate. The money that we disburse represents the majority of PTA annual funds.

Who can apply for grants, and how should they go about it?

Students, staff and parents can all apply for grants. There is a form on the school website under the PTA heading. The Grants Committee is always pleased to help applicants. The forms are submitted to one of the Principals and then forwarded to the Grants Committee for consideration; normally in October or November. Student humanitarian grants can be applied for throughout the year  – these are matching grants up to a predetermined amount (500Chf) – and the form is in the same place on the school website.

Which projects will receive funds this year?

This year we funded 9 grants, including an outdoor classroom for the Primary School; student-led initiatives; Green Week and Well Being Week in the Secondary School; Equipment for the Secondary student-run Chess Club; the Winter Bike Check; French theatre visits; a community-wide Jazz Singing Workshop; part of the popular Speaker Series; and a contribution towards a new microscope for the Secondary Science Department.

(Look out for another blog on the Worm Farm initiative in the Primary School, which was also funded by a PTA grant.)