Screenagers – make sure you see it!


The Screenagers documentary will be screened again at La Chât next week (Tue 7 Feb, to coincide with Safer Internet Day). This time the screening will be at 19:20, to allow parents to attend, along with any teenage children who wish to accompany them.

If you are wondering if it is worth your while attending, parent Joanne Roberts, who saw the documentary when it was first screened at La Chât, has written some short pointers on what to expect….

Screenagers is an hour long movie exploring the impact of the time children spend on their screens. It has been screened to students in years 9 and 10 and to parents, and also at the Nations Campus. Have a look at the trailer on the Screenagers website –

This thought provoking movie explores areas such as –
. Self Control – when is enough enough? what will we do differently?
. Adult perspectives and concerns – do they make sense to our children?
. Adult explanation vs adult example – do we practice what we preach?
. Identifying different actions to be taken at home and at school.
. Managing oneself vs. following the crowd.
. Managing safe and secure on-line practice.

This movie is intended to provide insight and challenge existing practices. I know that it has stimulated conversations in the homes of parents who have already attended, and that La Chât families have been taking a closer look at the steps that they need to take to make positive changes in the whole family’s relationship with screens.

I would really recommend that all parents try to see this film if the opportunity arises.

(If you would like to attend the screening next week, spaces are limited, so sign up via  the link given in the Headteachers’ newsletters last Friday.)