Why Volunteer?

Dede Ogden, our PTA President, reflects on why she volunteers.


As we come upon a new season of recruiting new PTA volunteers, I took a few moments to reflect on Why I volunteer at La Chât. I have been part of the PTA for the last four years serving in the role of President for the last three years.

Why have I volunteered ?

1. To Meet New People. I asked this question at a recent meeting and the first reason always seems to be to meet new people. The Ecolint community is ever changing and everyone who comes has an interesting story to share.

2. To be involved in my children’s education. Statistics show that “when parents participate in the educational process, kids do better in school.” (www.PTOtoday.com) Our children grow up quickly and I want to be an active part of their education. By volunteering, I have a better understanding of what my children are being taught and why. I get to know teachers who have an impact on the lives of our children and I gain perspective on how the school works.

3. Because I want to model for our children what it is like to volunteer, not expecting anything in return but simply giving. I want my children to be willing givers and to volunteer.

4. Because serving in my volunteer role has provided an opportunity to use my gifts and skills and to learn new ones. IT IS FUN !

5. Because I want to share in a common experience while we are in Geneva, build life-long friendships and be in a community of life-long learners. We celebrate our community, appreciate the rich diversities we have and we grow from those who think differently.

6. Because I want to be a part of an internationally well-respected organisation in building up good global citizens. In my view, we need this more than ever.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve as your PTA President.

Want to know more about how you can get involved? Want to help out but not sure what time you can give? Do you have some skills we can use? The PTA President, and Treasurer positions, along with several committee lead posts, will be open for next year. We promise no pressure or hard sell, just come and join the current PTA team for a coffee at Manora Restaurant on Tuesday, 7 March at 8h30 and find out more about what you can do to help and become part of the team. We would love to see you at the coffee morning.

We also have a Kermesse planning meeting taking place on Monday, 27 February at 13h30 in the Alps Meeting Room in the Secondary School. There are several roles, large and small to fill. Our annual Kermesse which is our end-of-year international fair, is scheduled for Saturday, 17 June. Please plan to join us for the planning for this year’s Kermesse. We have a great team and it is a lot of fun.

If you have any questions about joining our band of volunteers, please write to me at ptachatpres@gmail.com.