A Choir is Born!


By Lisa Bessuges, Choir Member

Once upon a time, there was girl who sang. She loved to sing and lived to sing. Given the happiness it gave her, she longed to share this magical experience with others around her. Rachel Harris Lindop was her name and she spread the word far and wide until it reached the ears of John Aram, Head of Music, and equally driven – “I am delighted that Rachel was as enthusiastic or as crazy as I was,” he was heard to say. Together they discussed, arranged and conducted their grand plan; and so was born: La Chât Community Choir!

Fast forward a few months and the choir has become a living, breathing, singing entity, made up of people who love to sing and who have discovered that sharing a song is excellent fun and great therapy! John Aram told me how firmly he believes that, “Music can take us away from our everyday lives, can give us a sense of belonging, a sense of community and a feeling of working hard to achieve something together.”

Choir members feel equally enthusiastic and here’s what some of them have to say:

“Singing with a large group of people is creative, uplifting and a welcome change of scene from the daily routine”

“When you sing in a choir, the emotions songs can create can be very powerful. It is an indescribable feeling.”

“It’s a couple of hours a week of singing, purely for enjoyment. I’m so pleased to have made space in my life for music again!”

The choir meets every Thursday evening and new members are always welcome. There’s no audition and no requirements. You don’t need to know how to read music or to have sung before. Just be ready to discover new songs, diverse rhythms and heavenly harmonies. Are you tempted to join us? Our members were delighted to have the opportunity to convince you:

“I LOVE the La Chât Community Choir. Singing as part of an ensemble makes me happy.”

“It’s a joy to join in the interesting and diverse music and rhythms and I love singing with like-minded people in the fun atmosphere that Rachel creates.”

“It’s great fun interacting and singing with members of all ages.
Rachel has been a great inspiration.”

“I would say that if anyone loves music and would like to try singing in a choir, be brave and plunge in.”

Now, just a few months after its birth, La Chât Community Choir is rehearsing for its first public performance. We will be joining with students, for an evening of music in the open-air, on the evening of Thursday 15th June.

We would all like to join John Aram in recognizing the driving force behind this inspiring venture and say a huge thank you to Rachel “who has made this dream come true and who is an experienced, dedicated and highly talented leader”. It must not be forgotten that her consistently positive attitude and her typically British sense of humour, only make the experience all the more pleasurable.

So come and listen and share the experience of La Chât Community Choir at an open-air concert of music and song on Thursday 15th June at 7pm at La Châtaigneraie Secondary School.
Bring a picnic and an open ear!

(For information on joining the choir, contact Rachel Lindop-Harris on rachel.harris-lindop@ecolint.ch)