So what is Field Week?

Last week saw the majority of secondary school head off on Field Week. For those that are new to the school or are just entering secondary here is a brief summary of the exciting opportunities that the students had.

As Year 7 are still settling in, they spent the week getting to know their way around their new environment. They took part in treasure hunts, spent time in the MMC and took day trips to St George Outdoor Activity Park and to Annecy for some water sports. In spite of some pretty bad weather great fun was had by all.

Year 8 and Year 9 spend four days away taking part in outdoor activities. Year 8 remained in Switzerland and this year were in the mountains of Crans Montana, Leysin and La Tzouma, whilst Year 9 travelled to Auvergne in France where they enjoyed a trip to a ‘volcano’ park, mountain biking and swimming.

By Year 10 the students have an option to pick where they would like to go. This year’s choices were Strasbourg (history past into present)) which included visits to the European Parliament and the battlefields; Luzern (culture in maths and science) including visits to Winterthur and Rosenart Museum; and finally Sicily where the group visited Mount Etna and hiked to the craters of Stromboli

Finally, Year 11, who travel a little further afield and can choose between Copenhagen, Berlin, Nice, Prague and Barcelona for trips focussing on arts, history, gastronomy and architecture, amongst other themes.

Amazing opportunities for all of our children, with numerous benefits – team building, personal confidence, staff/student relationships and, although daunting for the students who are new to school, a fantastic integration into the school community.

Jen Sealy

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