Educate Girls, Change the World – screening of ‘Girl Rising’ at La Chât.

By Rebecca LeMoult

Earlier in the year, a  PTA Kermesse grant of CHF500 was awarded to screen the film ‘Girl Rising’ at La Chât, to celebrate International Women’s Day, on 8th March.

The film will be shown in the Primary Aula at 18:30 on the 8th, and all parents, guests, teachers and students are invited.

However, for certain chapters of the movie viewer discretion for students under Year 10 has been advised. These chapters feature themes including forced marriage and gender-based violence. Certain chapters will also be shown to appropriate-age year groups throughout the week.

In the film, we meet nine inspiring girls. They grew up in unimaginable conditions, yet they remain strong. Wadley from Haiti, for example, lost her home in an earthquake, and was then not allowed into the school in the shelter camp. But instead of giving up, she went back every day until she could stay. Another girl, Azmera of Ethiopia, was told she had to marry, but she refused – something almost unheard of.


I will introduce the film on the 8th by asking several questions to set the scene and get you into the mindset for the movie. Afterwards, I will pose further questions to stimulate thoughts about the girls featured.

After the movie, I hope you will want to help girls like this have a better life. Here are some things you can do:

  •  You can create art, music, dance, writing or any other form of self-expression to highlight the importance of girls’ rights.
  • If you are an older student, or an adult, you can tell the world about this using social media. Also you can follow Girl Rising on Facebook (Girl Rising) or on Twitter (@GirlRising).
  • You can hold a fundraiser to raise money for Girl Rising or any other girl’s charity.
  • You can volunteer with any girls’ charity.

I hope that you come to watch this film and that you will be inspired by the girls, like I was. I hope that, like me, you’ll want to help. I hope you’ll want to end the cycle of injustice and give every girl a chance to learn.




















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