Mother Language Days – something to smile about!

Last Wednesday was UNESCO Mother Language Day and the Primary School celebrated the day and the two days after with a number of events and workshops.
To get the ball rolling we had Mr Pasternak and Mr Turcotte accompany all the primary students in singing a song in all the languages. Then a group of Capoeira, the Brazilian martial art/dance presented for the whole of the school. This got the celebration off to a flying start.
On the Thursday and Friday we held a huge range of different “workshops” for the children to give to give them an insight into the 40+ languages spoken across our school (83 languages across the whole foundation!).  These included pinatas from Latin America, origami from Japan, Arabic cooking and writing, Dutch, Hebrew and Italian storytelling, flamenco from Spain, songs and stories in Afrikaans, aboriginal face painting, traditional pasta making from two Italian parents, Chinese calligraphy and a selection of beautiful poetry and stories read by the year 6 students.
The PTA and parents produced a wonderful assortment of international food and the cafeteria also provided food from different countries on the three days.
A huge thanks to everyone who participated and who shared their culture and language. A quick word of special thanks to the parents, students teachers who supported the celebration.
By John Deighan

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