Spotlight on the PTA Student Humanitarian Support Fund

With the Kermesse on the horizon, it is worth reminding the La Chât community what the PTA does with the proceeds of this summer extravaganza.

How are the Kermesse proceeds used?

Whilst 90% of the funds raised go directly to the PTA Kermesse Grants Fund, the remaining 10% goes into a special PTA fund that is used to match funds raised by students for humanitarian causes, both locally and elsewhere. The PTA is delighted to help school students in their humanitarian endeavours and matches franc for franc raised, up to a maximum of 500chf for the main school humanitarian trips undertaken by senior students (India, Nepal, Tanzania and Kenya), and 250chf for pre-approved individual or small group initiatives.

How do the students access these funds?

Students must first seek prior approval from Mme Conchard, Secondary Vice-Principal; raise the funds; then complete the PTA application form for matching funds. For complete information on the Grant and Humanitarian funds, please click here.

Can Primary students also access these funds?

Yes, the funds are available to all students.

What sort of activities have students sought matching funds for?

Breakfast of solidarity

There has been a wide and varied use of the PTA Student Humanitarian Support Fund over recent years. From the Primary Student Council seeking funds to match money raised by one of their first Breakfasts of Solidarity; to a student making a request to pay for postage to send books to the Philippines following the typhoon disaster of 2013. During the 2016 Marché de St Nicolas, a senior student sold a recipe book that she had produced (for CAS), the PTA then doubled that amount and the final total was donated to Geneva’s Serve the City.

This academic year, the PTA has provided full matching grants of 500chf each to the Tanzania, India and Nepal trips. Funds have also gone to Oxfam, All Special Kids and MacMillan nurses in the UK. Students are asked to write about their experiences for publication in en Bref.


‘MacMillan Cancer Support is a British run charity based in the UK with the aim of improving the lives of those who have lived or are living with cancer. It works to support, inspire and improve the lives of those living with cancer; as well as working on research into cancer and those affected. The Bake Sale help at La Chataigneraie in September was done alongside the annual coffee mornings held by all those supporting the charity to raise funds, it showed our support for the charity and helped raise money for the cause; all the money we raised will go straight to MacMillan to help maintain the best quality work on their part and support cancer patients all around the UK. I believed this was a good charity to support as it is relevant to almost everyone, with so many people around the world suffering from cancer. I truly believe everyone has a role to play in the support and so thank all those who helped us raise funds to donate.’

Sophie, Year 12 student


‘Oxfam Australia, formerly Community Aid Abroad, is a not-for-profit, secular, aid and development organisation for “long-term development projects, responding to emergencies and campaigning to improve the lives of disadvantaged people around the world.” It is an affiliate of Oxfam International, a global organisation which was originally founded in Oxford, England. In this activity, I worked as a volunteer for a week in the head office of Oxfam Australia, located in Melbourne. Afterwards, I decided it would be a good idea to raise money and awareness of the organisation within our school community due to the massive impact of their work within my country (especially in relation to the indigenous population) and many others. To do this, I organised a bake sale which was to be held on World Food Day, the 16th of October 2017. I coordinated a team to bake products and ensure that all the food we were selling would meet the Fairtrade guidelines in alignment with Oxfam’s principals. We were successful in raising both funds to donate to their head office in the UK and create cognisance within our local community.’

Eleanor, Year 13 Student

 How can we help as parents?

Remind your children of the availability of these funds whenever they are involved in fund raising at school (sadly very few students apply to this fund).

And, as it was light-heartedly put at the PTA’s recent AGM, go to the Kermesse and ‘drink more Pimm’s!’

For further information, please contact


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