Commune Coffee Gallery

Commune Coffees began in 2014 as a way of connecting La Chât families in their localities. Sally Cooper was the creator of this initiative, and I have taken over as coordinator over the past couple of years.
Are there any other PTA or school events where you get to meet school parents living near you? No.
It’s a one-of-a-kind event that isn’t funded by the PTA and isn’t a fundraiser, it’s simply a casual coffee morning.
Yesterday, we hosted 8 simultaneous coffee mornings at various locations, with over 90 people in attendance. The Founex Tennis Club alone hosted over 30 parents living in the Founex & Commugny communes.
Commune Coffees are a fun and rewarding way to get to know the La Chât community. I would love to share the co-coordinator role, so if anyone would like to join me, please let me know. (
Next & final Commune Coffee for this school year will be March 15th, so save the date!
By Michelle Khorchidian 
Here is a selection of photos from the event.
Click on each photo to see it in its full format. We will add more as they come in, so, if your Commune Coffee hasn’t appeared yet, check again later!

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