Kermesse Grants – Funding Ideas from the School Community


CHF 19, 841 – the total funds available for PTA Kermesse Grants this year.

15th November – this year’s deadline for applications. – the place to apply.


Three important pieces of information, but what exactly are these grants? What do they fund? Who can apply? And why should they be of interest to parents?

What are PTA Kermesse Grants?

As many of you are aware, the PTA organises a large Kermesse (school fair) in June each year. The funds raised are then used to provide grants to the school community. 10% of the profits go to the Student Humanitarian Fund and are used to support student-led humanitarian causes and trips (applications are submitted through a separate process with Alex Conchard). The remaining 90% is used to fund “PTA Kermesse Grants”.

What do the grants fund?

In recent years, Kermesse Grants have ranged in size from CHF150 to buy some chess clocks for the secondary school chess club, through to CHF3000 to help fund last year’s week-long orchestral visit. Other past grants include: typewriters for the secondary school English department, international women’s day celebrations (in primary, and with a film showing), author visits and nuits des contes (traditional Swiss story telling), maths competitions (both primary and secondary), sandbox for primary school, support for Green Week and Wellbeing Week in secondary, part-funding of a digital microscope for secondary, various workshops (e.g. jazz-singing, cricket coaching, improvisation), winter bike checks, a worm farm (!) and much much more. In past years, a large contribution was also given to John Deighan for the popular speaker series, but this has been so successful that the Foundation and Campuses are now funding it completely 😊 In practice, proposals of any size will be considered, with the only criteria being that a single grant cannot receive more than one-third of the funds available i.e. CHF 6,620 this year.

There are specific criteria as to what can and can’t be funded (as officially agreed by the PTA and with the school), but the main idea is that:

PTA Kermesse Grants provide funding to support activities or items that contribute to the life of the school (cultural, academic or social), but that wouldn’t otherwise be funded (and would not normally be funded from the school’s budget).

So, what do you feel could make a positive contribution to life at the school?

Who can apply?

Importantly, anyone connected with the school community can apply – students, parents, teachers, school staff.

Get your thinking caps on, make a plan, and submit an application! And spread the word amongst your children.

As mentioned above, the deadline for applications is November 15th.

Towards the end of November, the Grants Committee will meet to discuss and decide which proposals can be accepted and funded this school year. The Committee includes representatives across the school community from both primary and secondary schools (two students, and a parent and teacher from each), plus the Campus Director, the PTA Treasurer, and two PTA Grants Coordinators (each representing primary or secondary). Successful applicants are informed by the beginning of December, so they can set their plan into action and funds can be transferred.

To risk sounding like a broken record, the PTA Kermesse Grants are a great opportunity for individuals or small groups within the school community to put into action a whole range of new initiatives and ideas, big or small, that would contribute to life at the school. Anyone within the school community can apply, with the deadline for proposals being November 15th (and yes, I do realise that is the third time I’ve highlighted the date!).

Full details and the application link can be found online:

If you have any questions or would like to talk through your ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the Grants Coordinators:
Sarah Oswald (primary) –
Susanne Kelmes (secondary) –

We look forward to reading your applications….

By Sarah Oswald

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