Amazing Alpenfest!

‘Building an even stronger and more inclusive community and having lots of fun in the meantime’. This is the main objective of your current ‘La Chât PTA elected officers team’.

One of our means to achieve this objective, is organizing easily accessible and fun social events for the adults. Last Saturday 10/11 we had our tryout with the ‘La Chât PTA Alpenfest’ and it turned out to be a huge success.

The Alpenfest was a Saturday-evening, adults-only, bar night with danceable music and some simple snacks. The venue was the community building at the lakefront in Coppet. Since the purpose of these events is to have fun and increase the adhesion in the community, the goal is to be cost-effective and not raise any funds. The entrance fee of Chf 10 covered the rent of the room and other expenses. Bar prices were kept low at Chf 2 to 5 per drink. Dress code was casual, ‘come as you are’ with maybe an ‘Alpine twist’.  


We started at 19:30. While DJ Andy Daly was filling up the dancefloor with 90’s, 80’s and even 70’s dance music, the bar team was working at full force non-stop to keep up with demand.

With all four of us (the party committee) having plenty of experience in working in nightlive, we can easily claim that the room had a great vibe throughout the evening. Before midnight, most guests had left to relieve their baby-sitters, so we were in time to meet Coppet’s curfew.


With over 100 guests and an abundance of merely positive responses, we consider these kind of events have earned a right to exist. The next similar event will be held at the end of winter with an appropriate theme. Keep an eye on the parents Facebook group and the PTA newsletter and buy your tickets early!


The party committee: Julien, Ruediger, Andy and Michiel.


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