La Chât’s ‘Mini Museum’

Over the years, staff in the La Chât History Department have collected, or have received donations of artefacts such as a UN ‘Blue Beret’, Weimar banknotes, and military medals.

Unfortunately, until now, there has been nowhere to display these objects – a wasted  opportunity to enhance the school learning environment, encourage curiosity, and  install a love of History.

The solution? AMini Museum’, housed in a display case somewhere prominent.

The PTA Kermesse Grant Committee were very generous in accepting the History Department’s bid for a cabinet and it has now been ordered. It took a while to find the right one as it had to have special glass and safety features! We subsequently identified an area outside Lau 07 and 08 for the display. A key attraction for the whole school of having the display case located here, is that Anna Fabri can draw attention to it when she conducts school tours. It shows we are passionate about learning and our subject, and it will have a prominent notice saying: ‘kindly donated by the PTA’. This in turn will show prospective parents the very positive relationship we have between parents, staff and the school.

How can parents help?

We estimate the cabinet will be up and ready to fill with our artefacts in about four weeks. Although we already have some interesting exhibits, if parents have any objects that they would be willing to lend on a temporary basis, this would be a massive help. Exhibits can get ‘stale’ and it would be good to regularly change the display. The items that we would be interested in can be of any historical era – they do not have to tie in with our curriculum. The point is to create curiosity and passion for the subject. Of course, items would be securely locked and would be taken good care of.

Once again, we are most grateful to the PTA for helping us to make this initiative a reality.

By: David Todd.


Featured image credit – The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.

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