PTA 80s Après-Ski Party

Last Saturday evening, March 9th, the PTA party committee organized another, adults only, social event. This time the theme of the party was ‘80’s après ski’. The location: the ‘Salle Communale’ on the lakeside in Coppet.

Although ‘dressing up according to the theme’ is always entirely optional, most of the guests turned up with at least some recognizable ‘80’s ski’ related accessoires. Many of them went ‘all the way’ with mullet-wigs, fluorescent leg warmers, full body V-shaped ski-overalls, furry moonboots and lots, lots of sweatbands.

The different rooms were arranged in a way that suited all. The bar area was crowded in a pleasant way, as was the dance floor. In the adjoining room there were tables and chairs and the volume of the music was low enough to have a civilized conversation.

With our regular DJ (Andy) still skiing and being not ready yet for the ‘Après’ part, we had to fill in the evening with guest DJ’s. Four different guests did their utmost to please the crowd with their favorite 80’s music. Helped by the ‘period correct’ decoration and outfits, it didn’t take long to bring the crowd back to younger and more carefree years and fill up the dance floor throughout the evening.

Since the party was very well attended and we only received positive feedback, we consider this yet another very successful event in this series of social events for adults.

These evenings are basically unpretentious bar-nights. The entrance fee of Chf 10  just covers the rent of the hall, the decorations and the music. Prices at the bar are also cost effective with just Chf 3 for a beer, wine or prosecco, and Chf 5 for an aperol spritz or gin-tonic. Like most of this year’s PTA events, it’s all about community building and not about fund-raising!

The next events by the PTA party committee will be a ‘family dance party’, with an exotic and very exciting theme, which will take place in the late afternoon, and then a more stylish ‘end of the school-year’ apéro/ dance for just the adults. Both events will take place in May, please check the newsletters and facebook group later for the dates and details.

The PTA party committee: Barbara, Pryianka, Andy, Ruediger, Julien, Michiel

By: Michiel Van Lith

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