Broadening Horizons – the Ecolint Speaker Programme

In the past ten years, 150 external speakers – many of them famous, all of them impressive – have taken to the podium as part of the Ecolint Speaker Programme. En Bref had a conversation with John Deighan, to gain an insight into the Programme – how it came about; the highs and the lows; plans for the future. Here’s what he told us…..

What is Odyssey of the Mind and what do we do?

Why are you carrying empty cardboard boxes, PVC pipes and a carton of eggs into school?
How did the La Chat students build that?
What is going on in that classroom, is it science or theater?

These are questions that are asked of an Odyssey of the Mind coach on a weekly basis. So, what is Odyssey of the Mind and what do we do?