Broadening Horizons – the Ecolint Speaker Programme

In the past ten years, 150 external speakers - many of them famous, all of them impressive - have taken to the podium as part of the Ecolint Speaker Programme. En Bref had a conversation with John Deighan, to gain an insight into the Programme – how it came about; the highs and the lows; plans for the future. Here’s what he told us…..

Guest Speaker (Alex Brooker)

Virginie Sermet and I (Kubashni Govender) had the privilege of attending a talk with Alex Brooker, one of the many La Chât guest speakers, on the 21/10/2017. Alex Brooker is a Journalist, comedian and TV presenter on British television's Channel 4. He is also a loving husband and father to a gorgeous baby girl. Alex … Continue reading Guest Speaker (Alex Brooker)

Guest Speakers Interviews

As many of you know, the school and most particularly Mr John Deighan, invite some amazing personalities to come and speak to students and parents. If you missed the last talks, the students of The Update interview the speakers and post the video. Click on the link below and enjoy! By clicking on this … Continue reading Guest Speakers Interviews